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Sunday, June 21

We've got to see a different place, I won't get any other time.

This weekend I've been at work and have found myself slipping into daydreams quite regularly. As always, the same thoughts are on my mind: Milwaukee 1994, my proposed trek to America and the self hatred for not being clever enough to build a time machine.

I thought it would sum up my weekend quite nicely to post up two America themed comics I've drawn over the past month or two.

This first one is about an internal argument I keep having with myself. I'm not sure if it's just a myth or if it's real, I'm convinced it's real. It seems that all Americans, except those with allergies etc, are very into the consumption of peanut butter.
I don't enjoy peanut butter. Not in the slightest. It makes my mouth feel weird and the smell makes my stomach feel unpleasant.
I have a deep rooted fear that if I can't train myself to eat it, when I go to America I'll be rejected at customs for not being a lover of the stuff. It instills within me the most horrible feeling of dread, considering that if I made it to customs, I'd have finally achieved something that I've been dreaming about for years, only to be forced on board the next flight back to the UK because I can't handle peanut butter.

This is a picture of me doing what I do at least 5 times a day; taking a minute to dream of Wisconsin and drown in waves of sorrow because I couldn't be there in 1994.
For further information view here. More accurately, in this drawing the place in the cloud should be Milwaukee, but that would be a little confusing as it isn't the most identifiably shaped place. Anyway, I think Wisconsin would offer me even more joy than Milwaukee alone, I'd have more space to explore.

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