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Wednesday, April 15

Build me a time machine.

I would pay every penny I have, plus all my student loan and all my wages for the next however many years if somebody could build me a time machine and a teleportation device.

Milwaukee, 1994.

It actually hurts to think I'm pretty much definitely never going to go there, in that era anyway. And when I think about how it's possible to go there, it hurts almost on equal levels.

It seems that every few weeks I get this painful blast of sadness over the fact that Milwaukee 1994 is not going to happen. It's a regular thing. It makes me want to scream.

I have got to visit Milwaukee in the next 5 years. I'm going to visit libraries and town halls and other nice places and recreate 1994 in my head.

At least I know that if I ever really need to be sick, like if I swallowed poison or something, I only have to think "Milwaukee 1994" and then vomit, most probably the projectile variety, will certainly happen.


  1. Nice... I personally would have picked Milwaukee 1993, or maybe 1990-1994 or something like that... Good times...

  2. ^This man is from Wisconsin! ACTUALLY FROM WISCONSIN! Or at least his site says that.


    It also says that he's involved with MilwHC!

    The coolest man EVER has left a comment on my blog. I now feel more connected to Milwaukee.

    Thank you to the "raster" man, even with a whole website and more, you're quite elusive. I hope you read this.