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Saturday, June 20

My deceased cat.

I used to have a cat named Charles and he was not the nicest of cats. People in our house were scared of him because he was quite aggressive and would avoid him at all costs.
One day I was thinking how sad it would be if Charles died and nobody cried, how it would be more sad if people were glad he was gone. I decided to make people like him.

So began a long tale of how Charles had a cherry bakewell factory under the shed in our garden and at night he went out to catch them on the fields behind our house, which explained why he was so tired and grumpy during the day.
I wrote the story down and began illustrating it, but never actually finished. This is one of the images from the story, I'm hoping that one day I'll be able to finish it.

Three years ago Charles got very ill and died and everyone in my house was very sad at his passing, some people even cried, but mostly we were just very confused as to how the shops were still able to stock cherry bakewells.

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  1. This made me smile
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