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Monday, June 22

I heart John Lefler.

This is a piece of work by John Lefler, it's the artwork for his new album, 'Better By Design.' I like it a lot because of all the things happening in it, there's so much to take in that even if I look at it for a straight four hours, if I looked at it again, a little bit after the four hour viewing time, I'd see even more things that I hadn't noticed in the four hours. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, I think I mean that it has lots of little details on it that I don't notice right away but happen upon at random and they make me happy.

At this particular moment in time, my favourite bit of the whole thing is the spider hanging from the design sign. I don't like spiders much but this one seems quite friendly, he adds an extra detail and I like details, I think everything and everyone should have little details that aren't required but make everything good.

The other thing that I am pleased to see is the extreme use of stars and the many arrows present on the work. I toned down my use of such items after being told it was overkill and they "aren't a required element to any design" by my foundation tutor but now I see this and I think it fully justifies stars and arrows so I will courteously hand back to Nathan all his criticisms and let my stars and arrows out of the section of my hand I've been holding them back in.

Moving on, I will say that I really, really like this and I'm quite jealous of how John can do such amazing things with dots, note the extreme cloud dots and general dottiness of the whole drawing. I also think it's probably the most confusing but also most interesting-to-look-at album artwork I've seen for a while.

To finish, I firmly believe that anyone who sees this should buy this album, it's one of the prettiest things I've heard in ages AND you would get this art as the CD case, which is always a winner. If you hold it and look at it and listen to it at the same time, you'll experience the bit that comes after happy. I don't know what it is, but I think it makes my brain purr.

Hopefully if you click >this< you'll be taken to John's myspace page where you can do some music hearing and look at the artwork in CD format and stuff. You could also say hello to him, he's a very friendly man.

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