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Wednesday, June 24

Mr Andrew Bannecker.

I was looking through my first year work and found the image translation project, consequently I started looking at Andrew Bannecker's work again, it's very nice. The image above is one that I liked in particular, I'm unsure why, it has clean edges and clean edges are good edges and maybe that's the reason I like it?
I think I owe it to Bannecker for pulling certain things out of me, I've developed some styles of working since working in a similar style to him and I think I gained more from this project than any other.

This is the image in the style of Andrew Bannecker which I produced to illustrate an editorial about texting.

In hindsight, it could be better, the edges aren't clean and that dip in the hill on the left drives me mad but next time I do an image like this I'll know how to make it look better. So I win.

If you click this you can go see more of his work, lucky you!


  1. You made contact with Mr Bannecker last year didn't you? Perhaps he could be one of your Design Practice contacts? It would be good to get some dialogue going in September.

  2. I am a sucker for this sort of stuff! I love the odd touch of the bundle of tears on the boy's face. It's a clever illustration.