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Saturday, June 8

Last night I stayed up all night, I ended up going to bed at 6am and then got up this morning at 9am. Incidentally, I got a lot of stuff done but, at the same time, feel like I didn't use the time wisely enough.

All the same, I have this:

To go inside Dog Chow I have started to draw a comic about E.T. 
I have never seen it, I have no idea what happens in the film. I mean, obviously, I know he is an alien, he wants to phone home and he goes in a bike basket. I don't know what actually happens.

At the end of last year, having realised I'd never seen it, I decided to draw a comic about it but wasn't really sure when that would happen or what would be in it.
This is the first page, I think. It is essentially a round up of what I know about the film already, not a lot.  There is a second page to it which I haven't drawn yet, I'm finding it to be a challenge.
I haven't drawn a comic or anything remotely similar since university, over two years ago; I'm a bit rusty.

It hasn't come out all that bad for the first one after such a long spell, but it is quite rough around the edges, I could do to tidy it up a bit. On the other hand, it's not going in a comic, it's going in a zine, so maybe that doesn't matter too much.

Also, I'm not tired. I have no idea how, I've had 3 hours sleep, been working all day on this and have also gone on a very long trek with Bill. Yet I feel like I could maybe make it to 2am tonight without caffeine. Weird.

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