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Sunday, June 9

Projects Everywhere!

Today was a lazy sort of day up until around 4pm, when I decided I was going to start a new comic. I'm all for new projects just now, you may have noticed.

Anyway, I was washing my hands when I realised how much I love Japandroids. Like, seriously, top 3 favourite bands right now, maybe even number 1 at the moment.

So I was all 'I should write a comic about Japandroids! That would be awesome!' So I am.

And it has more faces in than just mine for the first time EVER! Wicked!

This is the first page of will be a 4 page A4 (somewhat flimsy) comic book:

It's a bit shadowy, but this is just the underlines. Underlines? Is that a term?

Yeah. So there it is! Hopefully I will have the next page done tomorrow. Not sure what is going to happen with the E.T. comic from here because this one has takes over my mind. Totally. Totes magotes.

Also there is the other annoyance that I must return to work on Tuesday. RUBBISH! So that will hinder further development. I think/hope that if I can get these 'underlines' done for everything, I can take my sketchbook to work and use my lunch breaks to ink them. In theory. Perhaps.

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