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Monday, August 29

Constructive criticism please?

I am going to soon be printing a whole load of Dawky books and was looking through it at areas that need improvement before I do this. I have kind of decided I don't like the colours and I really do not enjoy the texture.

As a result, I've opened up a fine problem for myself: I want to re-colour the whole thing using flats and an entirely new colour scheme.

I don't want to do it if it ends up looking worse than it already does so please, give me your comments and I will decide what to do. Thanks buddies!

This is the current first page, I dislike the texture and how it distracts from the linework, everything is very confused. I don't think I enjoy the blackness either, it's awfully black, it looks a bit like a bad mood.

This is the new version that I made, I'm unsure about the colour choice, I might like it but I can't decide, maybe the blue is a little hefty?
It looks softer which is nice but is this going the right way? I can't help thinking it might be a tad too bright?

Help me please? Thanks!

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