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Tuesday, October 18

My piece of crap printer....

.....Is broken.

I think I have a printhead issue. Everything isn't working, I've cleaned them a million times and it still doesn't work.
This does not bode well for my 2000 sheets I have to print over the next 2 weeks. I've used 4 ink cartridges just on cleaning and test prints and wasted about 100 sheets of paper on bad prints and quality tests.

These are the horribles it keeps printing. I do not know what it wrong with it and this frustrates me immensely. Moreso because last year this happened with the Epson at college and I had to swap printers. Could be tricky.

This means my stall at Thought Bubble may just be selling misprints for 10p each. Because they are (some of them) kind of pretty, just incredibly annoying.

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  1. surely the cost of 4 printer cartridges is more expensive than gettin 2000 sheets printed somewhere profesh!? i mean.. depending on quotes surely you'll make your money back sellin them at TB?