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Thursday, August 25

A bit of a ketchup.

Hello, I am here.
In the past few months lots of things have happened. I have moved away from Manchester and back to York, I lived back in my Mama's house for a while but then moved into my own house.
I live in the city centre now, it's very nice. My new house is Georgian and very creaky and has an excellent staircase.
From my front door I can see the city walls, the railway station and the Minster and the tops of hundreds of really old buildings.

I have also made the nasty decision to take on more hours at work, thus I now work 5 days a week in a pet shop. It's brutal, but it had to happen.
It has taken me 8 weeks to finally get my new room set up, I now have a studio. An attic studio. Very special. It still isn't fully complete, there are some things I need to get for it, but hopefully by Halloween sort of time everything will be running smoothly.

Much more exciting is that I've remembered how to draw. On Monday I tried to draw but got really frustrated and so I went go-karting and everything was okay in the end.
Today I set about drawing and I have drawn a sad and confused vampire. I will be doing more with him tomorrow.

Here are some photos of my new home and my studio. There will probably also be a picture of my new cat.

This is far as decorating our kitchen has gone. Rowan's mum gave these lovely tea towels, my favourite is the orange one, I think it is very good.

Here is Rowan's room, this is where I sleep, it has a really top fireplace but does seem to attract moths which is a little troublesome.

This here is the back wall of my studio, as far as I've got with decorating it, I have some framed things to go up too but when I hammered a nail into the wall, lots of the wall fell down. I've put off sorting that for now.

Here are more pictures of my studio, somewhat dark but equally endearing. I have a good amount of stuff, but a bad amount for moving with twice in one month.

These chimneys are what can be seen from my window, they are very old and I really enjoy them, often there are pigeons on top.

Here is my new friend, Bacon. I adopted her from the RSPCA and her name was Sophie, but that name is rubbish, so I changed it, she has been run over and is also deaf, she is quite disabled and walks funny. She also shouts an awful lot and wears a bow tie. I love her very much but as of yet, we have not bonded enough to share a spoon.

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