As of August 9th, for the next year, I will be maintaining two blogs.
This blog, and a blog for college research and work, both will be updated regularly, both will feature my work, but the college one is for college projects and research that I don't want to block up this blog with, this one is for my comics and other non-college work and activities.
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Wednesday, June 15

Is this thing on?!

It's been a while!

I am back to blogging again now, I haven't put anything on here in months, mainly because I built a new blog for uni and have been so busy with third year that I've had no time for blogging. But I intend to restart this one as of now.

A brief catchup of the current affairs:
I finished the painting I was working on a while ago, still haven't mailed it yet but plan to in the next week or two.
I finished my degree, no idea how I did yet though, I find that out tomorrow.
I have moved back to York and will be moving into a new house in a week.
One of my rats, Steven, died last week. She was very old for a rat and she went gracefully as the train we were on passed through Church Fenton.

Seeing as university has owned my life over the past 6 months, I no longer have anything much to do, I'm attending the day job more frequently but other than that, until I've moved house, not a lot is getting done.
Hopefully, by mid July I'll be set to start doing lots more paintings and things, and will be open to any offers of work people may have, and it won't take forever to do them because of school.

That's about it for the roundup. I think I'm going to draw some comics tomorrow on show-patrol at college, so maybe I'll upload those over the weekend?


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