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Tuesday, January 4

Work that isn't for school.

I'm doing work that isn't for school! Well actually, I'm not, I'm blogging about doing work that isn't for school. Mild procrastination.

My issue is mainly the fact that my desk is crammed with stuff that I don't have space for here, yet to make any progress on this work I need my desk. Clearing my desk means I'll have to clear my floor to make space for the stuff from my desk but to clear my floor means I'll have to find a place for things from on the floor, that place is my desk. It's a vicious circle.

Anyway, I'm working on a painting which is speedily turning into a collage, as I forgot how difficult I find it to start a canvas and, in turn, how comforting I find it to work away from the end product on little components, eventually attaching them all together to form a big picture.

So now I'm at a dead end. I was going to do some painting tonight but have now found I can't physically do it because it induces panic in me everytime I try to make a start.

Instead, tomorrow I intend to go into town and get some card and patterned paper and start building the image away from the canvas, in the hope that it will all be okay in the end.

My shopping list is as follows:
2 sheets of cream A2 card.
4 sheets of cream A3 card.
4 sheets of cream A4 card.
1 white pen.
1 roll of parchment paper.

Potentially, this list could be expanded to include 3 new paintbrushes, a new set of scalpel blades, some letrasets and some more paint. I think it is wise to draw everything out before diving into the second phase of production.

I was hoping to finish it before the new year, but I didn't start, so now I'm hoping, if I have next week off college like I think I do, (I probably don't) I am going to try like hell to get it finished, it's always nice to have an intense week of project work, especially before going back to school, to get back into the habit of making stuff.

Mainly I need to finish it so I can consider how I'm going to package it, it needs to make it to Texas, this means intense packaging and protection must be involved.

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