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Tuesday, January 11

Better by design. (Seems quite fitting.)

I've spent a while planning this out, and an even longer while actually getting round to starting it, and I've now done two full days of actual work on it.
I was going to paint the whole thing but somewhere along the line I got real scared of painting straight onto the canvas as I'm very out of practice with paint. Instead I've started collaging it with paint, building the character and the elements up with layers of paper and then working over the top, which is excellent fun.
The only issue with this method is it takes AGES. If I had the time to do all my work this way, I definitely would, it's very enjoyable and much more intimate.

I really hope I can get this sped up a bit, I'd quite like to finish it by the end of February at the latest but as of next week I'll only have Fridays to work on it, so it's unlikely. The good thing is that there is no rush for it, no deadline or anything, so I can spend a while on it.
I'm kind of starting to like it too much, I'll have to do lots of photographs and scans of it before it leaves to live with John.

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