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Friday, December 31

Mousey holes.

I left this thing alone for a while because I got mad at it always being here.
Now I have decided more to embrace it as I think it is a nice thing to have here.
It is also the final day of 2010, there are about 3 hours left and I'm a bit unsure if I want the year to say goodbye just yet.
But I am lots looking forward to next year and all it will hold for me.
Mostly I am excited to leave Manchester, the big cities are not for me and my little city of York is always calling me home whenever I am there. As of June, I will be back in York again, as a resident rather than an occasional dweller.

I cannot wait to leave our house in Manchester, Rowan and me are going to try and get a little flat or maybe even something a little bigger here in York. We will have all our things in one place that is only ours and we can do nice things like cook great food and listen to music together and paint our faces and watch cartoons.
I don't much want for a tv, I think we will have the pumpkin one, small and not too visible, just for when it is essential. Essential means interesting documentaries and funny cartoons, on some evenings and weekends.

We are also interested in getting some pets maybe, we already have the ratties, but they will be aged middle-aged to deceased by June. We also would like a dog and a cat but this is conditional to our home. I am also interested in owning some guinea pigs, but I'm unsure if I'd be a good carer to them.

I am really excited for us to go get nice things for our home from car boot sales, Rowan has some beautiful things he has found at those places, I never really have much luck.

I'm also excited but a little scared for school to be over forever. I look forward to the freedom and the non-urgency to do work that is the same always until it is finished. I'm also quite interested in experimenting with jobs and seeing how long I can hold onto a boring job until I get too bored and have to go somewhere new. Or until I get to pursue something incredible as a job instead. I'd like that.

I think I will be seeing in the new year in my sleep, as I have decided that I really hate it every year, so I'm not doing it this time. I might play some games with my family before bed and then maybe read some of my new book, which I'm looking forward to very much.

I hope next year is everything you could ever want it to be.
This is one of my favourite bits of 2010, I hope there is more of it next year:

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