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Friday, September 3

Sun Chasing

Over the past two weeks, myself and my superfriend Jamie have acquired a new hobby of 'Sun Chasing.' We like it a lot and we liked it so much the first time we did it that we did it again last night.

These are some pictures of when we caught the Sun last week:

Last week we thought that the strange stench in this layby was stagnant water. Last night we discovered the real source of the stink was a decomposing pig. I will show a picture of the pig when I have had the photo developed. It stunk real bad.

This week's attempt at Sun Chasing was a bit successful but was also a bit hindered by the clouds so we didn't catch as many good colours.

It was good for silhouettes. Jamie's body is an irregular hexagon. Not many people know that.

We found some good woods where there was a bizarre amount of deforestation going on and lots of evidence of shooting. We almost got killed by hicks and there might have been a dinosaur in the woods too.

Jamie found this skull, we weren't sure what it came from, but we had a nice time playing with it. I believe it's headed to Cheltenham to join the rest of Jamie's skulls.

At the edge of the woods we saw lots of bats and a good while perched on top of the car gave us this picture of one, they were very playful and incredibly fast.

Next we went to America, I don't know how we got there but it was very nice. We saw a real owl on a telephone pole and then trespassed on somebody's land to take pictures of this tree. Then took this picture from the road and the owner of the land came to get us. It was ominous. But not as ominous as the windmill and the mist we encountered later on.

I'm very sad that the Summer is now officially over and that school starts again next week. I am also sad that this means no more Sun Chasing until the Christmas holidays. I wish this activity had been discovered earlier.

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  1. I look forward to seeing the developed smashed pig picture. I do not look forward to the nasal memories it may induce.

    The bat is my favourite.