As of August 9th, for the next year, I will be maintaining two blogs.
This blog, and a blog for college research and work, both will be updated regularly, both will feature my work, but the college one is for college projects and research that I don't want to block up this blog with, this one is for my comics and other non-college work and activities.
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Monday, August 16

New Projects. (FINALLY!)

I've started a new blog, it's over there somewhere.
So now I have no guilt in posting things on this blog, I'll leave my old college posts on here, because I can't be bothered re-posting them over there, so I'll just make a fresh start here today.

I've got some projects in the pipeline, hopefully they'll begin to materialise in early September, I'm a bit reluctant to start personal work before I've done any acceptable amount of Summer work for college. Also, my room in York is no place for starting new projects, so they must wait for Manchester.

I'm going to try and keep these projects updated on here as best I can, as I'm very excited about them.

I refuse to say what they actually are until I have examples of them, sort of a top secret thing, but I'm hoping they'll be good enough to sell and simple enough to ultra-print. There's some hints right there.

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