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Wednesday, June 30

I'm a loner, Dottie, a rebel.

I saw The Get Up Kids last night, another band I thought I'd never see live, yet I've now seen them twice in less than a year. They were really, really great.
They make me so happy, nothing at all could change how happy I was last night. The only thing that could have made me marginally happier was if they'd played for longer and if one of the songs the set was extended with was 'Mass Pike.' However, I saw them play that last time, so it's not such a big deal.

The best bit about going to shows, aside from the show itself is when you have to run to get the train afterwards, you always run faster after seeing one of your favourite bands, I may be able to scientifically prove this. Anyway, having powered to the station, I rode home and then got a bus back to my district and then did the second compulsory run, the one back to my house. It's maybe 400m from the bus to my house, with many a tight corner involved and last night I think I beat the home sprint record, it was quick. I think I became infinity.

So yeah, I was infinite and the show was wonderful.

The most annoying thing EVER though, is when a couple force their way to the front and then proceed to make out for the entire show. What is with that?! I'm fairly certain nobody wanted to see them slobbering all over each other, it was made worse by the fact that they were pretty big, together they were a human wall, for vast expanses of the show I was, for all intents and purposes, blind. Next time this happens I'm going to put gum in their hair.

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