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Sunday, June 27

Hang on, Hang on tight...

I saw They Might Be Giants last night and they were incredible. Possibly the best show I've ever seen, it was far too good.

One of the best bits was when they played 'Why Does the Sun Shine?' pirate style, and when they got everyone to move down to the front of the stage, we were literally two metres from the two Johns! TWO METRES!

These are 'The Avatars of They' and they were the best sock puppets I ever saw, the funniest too, I can't even describe how good last night was.

Instead of trying to describe it, I'll just post this picture:

This is a confetti blast out of one of the confetti guns they had and I swear, when I saw it coming down over us, it was one of the happiest, most joyful moments of my life. Nobody can not like being rained on by coloured paper. I think a ticker tape parade would actually make me cry with joy.

I love They Might Be Giants. Even more now that I've seen them, I thought they were one of the bands I would never ever get to see live.

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