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Thursday, April 1

Tonight if you're awake at all...

I'm getting so close to finishing this book it actually makes me want to work later, but seeing where that got me last night, I won't.

Today I took a half day break from picture making and went to Whitby with my sister and her dogs, which was much fun. Whitby is a cold place, I didn't enjoy the cold so much, the wind hurt my ears. This was outweighed by the fact that Dexter came with us, none of my dogs actively fetch balls, so I had lots of fun on the beach playing football with him. He also happens to have an incredible beard and particularly fine knee pads. This is he:

After Whitby, we went to Goathland and drove around the moors, in search of the Roman road, which we couldn't find last time we looked for it, and couldn't find again today. We were accosted by quite a few sheep, one of which ran in front of the car at quite a speed.

The moors are very green, which is a surefire sign that Summer is on it's way, this also made me happy today.

When I got home I re-attempted the factory and I succeeded. This is the revised version:

This picture doesn't make it look all that great, but I'm pleased with it, it's taken hours to do and I've also got half way through another factory scene. This means that I only have to make one and a half more pages, plus a front cover. I really don't want to jinx myself but I have a feeling I'll finish it tomorrow.

The only negative that seems to be coming from this book, aside from the crippled hand I've gained from scalpelling, is that now I can't sleep. Ever. I spend from 9am to around midnight listening to music and then when it comes to sleeping I can still hear it, last night I spent 2 hours trying to stop hearing it. Unfortunately I can't concentrate without it, so either way I lose.

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