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Friday, April 2

Big fun, no sleep...

It's always a sign that I'm very tired when it takes me 20 seconds to work out whether the noise I can hear is rhythmic clapping coming from my speakers or my rats eating something. Therefore I am going to go to sleep.

Not before I quickly update my whereabouts on this project. I aimed to finish it all today but didn't. Sad face. But I have come very close. Happy face.

I've pretty much finished the contents of the book, there is a little bit of finishing off to do but because this will only take a hour at most, it is essentially complete.
I forgot, once again, how long it takes to construct cherry bakewells and the last two pages I've put together have carried around 35 of them between them, so I spent hours on those today. I think it looks quite nice.

I'm hoping to finish the finishing off parts tomorrow night after work, which is easily done. Then the front cover I will try to do on Sunday. Then I'll be finished.

The main question is, am I allowed to put type on the front cover, or does it have to be on transparencies like everything else? If I can't put type on's pretty much going to be a blank page with a cat?

Anyway, I'm going to sleep. In case you were wondering, it was coming from my speakers.

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