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Saturday, April 3

When we are cats.

It's taken a total of 6 days to do this, how the hell did I manage that?

I haven't made the front cover and I'm not hugely worried about making one. They wanted four double page spreads or three and a front cover, I've done 12 double page spreads. Plus, I have a cat left over for the title page, so I'll do that too.
So it's not like I haven't done enough work. I'm also rubbish at text layouts and typography so I'd probably be shooting myself in the foot if I tried. But I might.

Although for now I want to start the new project, have a life away from my desk, go outside of my bedroom and for once I actually crave human contact. Though that's sure to end after contact with said humans. Also kind of wishing I'd brought my Xbox home but hey...


  1. Jane, these look incredible! I would very much like to see them in the flesh, so to speak.