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Wednesday, March 31

Death by Double Page Spread...

I just reached Doom Point. Capitalised because I've now mapped it as the low point of my life.

Doom Point is the collective three double pages spreads of this book that involve me recreating a factory from what are essentially silhouettes of paper of a very limited palette.

I left them until last because I knew that if I did them first I'd never do any other pages. Now I regret even writing the factory into the story, it's so complicated to make.
It seems that whatever I do to it, it either looks bad or incredibly boring. It's also a mega pain that I've got to make it three times.

I've decided to call it a day today, I've done quite a lot, making the extra stuff last night really helped. Maybe overnight I'll have an epiphany and tomorrow I'll make a beautiful factory. Or possibly not.

This is my first attempt at the factory, which I'm now using as a rough guide and a "how not to do it" sheet.

As of today, it's looking less likely that I'll finish it by Friday, hopefully by Monday the whole thing including front covers and things will be finished. Then I can start the new project. Or maybe even leave my room...

EDIT: I've just looked at the image on the screen and I am now convinced the woman at Paperchase has mailed me the wrong coloured papers. Looking at them in real life, I'm certain she has...FML!

I'm also thinking I should invert the colours. (This is me making notes to myself so that I'll remember for tomorrow. Ignore, if you please.)

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  1. the way youve laid out the factory using just shapes reminds me of this...


    if you happen to own the Wall*E 2 disc edition, then its on there animated :)