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Saturday, March 20


Friday was my birthday and I had a very busy day. The first half involved a spot of Ian hunting at college, followed by the slowest bus ride ever.
Upon arriving home, I packed up my things and opened the first birthday gifts of the day.
From Nawor, I received numerous things, most notably: a latex Mr Burns mask, which was particularly strange but very much appreciated, I LOVE Mr Burns! And also a signed cd which stirred a reaction not dissimilar to Sheldon's upon receiving the napkin signed by Leonard Nimoy.
After speedy gift giving we almost missed our train back to York, very stressful, and by the time we reached York, after a particularly weird journey, I felt very sick.

I got home and was piled with cards and gifts, lots of very nice things were given to me.
I got most excited about the wolfsuit my mum made me, check this out:

It's real good, and warm, I'm wearing it right now, my kittens like it a lot too.

Because I was at home and didn't have to be at work the next day and had no work to do, I went over to my dad's house with 2 of my sisters and hung out with my brother, he's the coolest kid I know, although he was very snotty as he has a cold.

We had a nice time playing hide and seek, building block towers, playing with Thomas the Tank Engine and chasing each other.

Later on one of my best friends in the whole world, Jamie, posted me a lovely birthday treat on his blog, involving these pictures of me hanging with Wild Things.

I love them!
If you go visit Jamie's blog, you can see the wonderful drawing of Alexander close up, you can see a very naughty cat, some very ugly cats, some beautiful bears AND you can request a day of the year and he will illustrate it for you, what a treat!

I will close this post with a rather beautiful birthday treat I got in the early hours of my birthday, courtesy of my housemates, my most favourite bit is Tom from 4:02 to 4:09, classic.


  1. your mum is fab , i love the out fit and the illustrations, looks like you had a top birthday !:)

  2. That suit is amazing! Much jealous.

  3. Jamie, I'll be spending many an hour in it at your house. You can try it on, I think the legs will be a bit short for you though :/