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Sunday, March 21

All the animals are for me.

Today I went with Rowan to the farm, it's becoming something of a tradition around my birthday to go to the farm, we like it a lot. We saw some lambs being fed, goats on pigs, a fantastic sheep, a beautiful cow and even some deer.

This was my favourite goat, he was real friendly and he had a black tongue. I do like goats.

This is Rowan with his favourite goat, he liked this one a lot and spoiled it with much food and pettings. It is also the goat that ripped open my bag of food, thus forcing me to give it all to them as it spilled everywhere. Pesky goat.

This is the very nice big man deer. I think antlers are the best things to ever have, I wouldn't mind a pair myself, everything looks more dignified with antlers. This guy could get away with asking any lady deer out for a spot of tea and they wouldn't refuse. Even a human wouldn't turn down his offer of tea. He's beautiful.

One of my favourite features of the farm is this big old log because it looks like a big old alligator. Usually I climb on it, today I didn't, I had muddy feet and if I slipped I would have fallen and possibly hurt myself, or worse, impaled myself, or worse still, died.

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