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Monday, March 29

Macmillan, Macmillan, Macmillan....

Once again, I've neglected my blog, but for good reason. A quick update is what this post will become.

My Macmillan work is multiplying at an alarming rate. It's my first official day of the Easter break and I have been hard at work all day.

I've made 3.2 double page spreads in one day, I think I've got this new problem called Scalpel Hand, which causes the sufferer to be uncomfortable around pressure points of the scalpelling hand and unable to stretch out the hand for up to 2 minutes after cutting something out. This could cause problems tomorrow if the pain doesn't go away overnight.

Now that I've started, as predicted, I don't want to stop and there is a strong chance I could have the whole book finished in time to enter it. I'm very scared of the three factory images, how the hell do I do those?!

I also have a little problem in that I haven't got enough paper and the Paperchase in York doesn't stock paper. So there is a chance I'll have to make a mission to Manchester. Unless a phone call to the Manchester store tomorrow morning can result in a mail order. Hmm.

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