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Tuesday, March 16


My current project involves much photography, I am quite liking it.

This picture is one of my final ones for the first half of the project, my favourite one of the 8 I made.

The process I am using is still influenced by Andre da Loba and the 3D work I did for my last project, as well as some new people.

This is the work of Robert Longo, who I have started looking into recently.
Originally I was mainly interested in the contorted figures he produces but then I saw this image and it tied in with the 3D theme again.

Having looked at Longo, I began cutting out the figure and photographing it. After this, I realised I like looking at how the cut out section of the image falls and started trying to capture the movement in a photograph.

I think my interest in blurry and distorted images of movement stems from a preference of seeing an image in motion.
Still life is still life and there is nothing wrong with that, but if the subject of an image is moving or the photographer feels a movement within him/herself evoked by a subject then I think the image should demonstrate that movement.
I believe this is why I like blurred photographs, as they have more feeling in them, and this the reason for my interest in dropping the figure in my image for this brief.

Charles Peterson is a good example of what I'm trying to describe in the above paragraph, which was very hard to explain. Peterson photographed many bands during the 80s and 90s and his photographs are very real and they contain a metaphorical kinetic energy which allows the viewer to experience the moment shown in the photo for what it was, rather than as a perfectly focused, crisp shot which would not hold the same sentiment.
These are some of Peterson's photographs:

Having looked at the work of these artists, I'm now looking at Picasso for the millionth time and other people who I've yet to discover. For the second half of the project, I am expanding the falling figure images and also will be experimenting with making paper models from photographs. I think.

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