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Thursday, January 8

This design dictates the requirements of my new mobile telephone.

Correct. For the past few days I've been pondering two subjects.
1) My phone contract is due to expire sometime soon, thus I will soon be acquiring a new contract/phone/communications plan.
2)I really need a new bag.

I need a good bag, with lots of pockets but I'm dissatisfied with what the internet has to offer, so I've designed my own, am in the process of placing a materials order, and have established my mum as chief bag manufacturer.

This has solved the bag problem, now I need to work on the phone issue. Until I get the bag and have used it for a week, I won't know what I'm doing about a phone. I'm definitely getting a new one but the bag will decide whether I get a pay monthly one or a call-making super basic pay as you go masterpiece. Essentially, the bag needs to be in construction as soon as possible, I'm drawing up plans tomorrow, finalising them with mother and placing a bulk order of zips and webbings to create a beautiful, fully functioning piece of transportation wizardry with plenty of pockets.

This is a fraction of the premature designs:

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