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Friday, January 2

Day Two of Photo Project and problems are arising.

It's day two! Today I took my camera with me to Jamie's house where myself, Rowan, Jamie and Harry spent the day playing Guitar Hero, Bop It Extreme, Helicopter, Cheat and Happy Families. The day was finished off with a trip to the cinema. We saw Yes Man. It was not the best.

Anyhow, a problem has come to my attention. It really isn't going to be possible to put up a photo everyday, there are too many variables. For example, if I was to get home very late one evening and was too tired to move or if I was at work all day or just didn't actually see anything good to take a picture of. To solve this, I've decided to post a picture daily, if possible, if not, there will be at least one picture a week, that way I'm not filling up this whole thing with pictures that I took because I had to, but with ones that I wanted to take. Nice.

Also, there needs to be a name for my project, I'm currently thinking of it.

Today there are 2 photos. I've excelled at my task.

This is Jamie's newest cat, Boris, with his ears turned inside out. He likes it.

And this is Jamie demonstrating his awesome yoyo-ing skills.

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