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Thursday, January 1

So this is the New Year....

...And I don't feel any different.

Two thousand and nine. I think this is the point where I'm meant to start rattling out new year resolutions and reflecting deeply on the past 12 months. NO!

All I will say is that last night was probably (definately) the best new year. Lots of nice happenings and nice people. Mickey Heater was invisible but I think he was quite confused. I know I was.

New Years resolutions. Pictures. Lots of them. In the form of photographs. At least one per week should find it's way here, possibly more if I get any good ones. I'm also going to buy a BMX and start putting money into the bank account newly titled "Savings for a trek around America." That is all.

This is the first of what may be 365 photos, but probably not.

01/01/2009 - Duncombe Place, 00:18am. Taken by my brother, with no warning.

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