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Friday, October 10

Jimmy Eat World...

..Are one of the most beautiful bands to ever grace the planet. FACT!

Recently I've been listening to them a lot, I've had lots of their music for a long, long time but haven't listened to it for a few years and then over the past 3 weeks it has found it's way to my ears.

There's something about the music that makes me feel like my heart is actually on fire and that I can do anything. It's inspiring, energising and somewhat hypnotising. There's also the songs that I can relate to, the ones that mean different things for everyone, but when a room full of people hear them, they all feel something and hold thousands of tiny connective currents.

I don't know my exact reason for writing this about the band, but I guess it's because right now, listening to them, I feel like I could run to America, without stopping, they're like a fuel. A very beautiful, heart-combusting fuel.

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