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This blog, and a blog for college research and work, both will be updated regularly, both will feature my work, but the college one is for college projects and research that I don't want to block up this blog with, this one is for my comics and other non-college work and activities.
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Friday, August 15

A day of produce.

Today wood was bought for shelves. Three small shelves were built. By Sunday I should have 7 or 8 shelves up in my room and it will officially be finished. Nice nice nice.

My super productive day did not only consist of shelves. I rectified the big mess I'd made of my project. It took me all afternoon and cost me £5 in coloured card but it looks very pleasing, I'm impressed with it. I now just have to add the text and then that picture is complete. Then there's a sketchbook to be made and 4 more drawings to do but we don't talk about those.

My left hand feels mildly arthritic from holding a pen very tightly for the most part of the past 2 days.

Speaking of bodily concerns, I'm also concerned about the peeling of my trucker tan. My entire right arm seems to be wilting, it's horrendous. Maybe I'll get some moisturising stuff. Or a loofah.

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