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Wednesday, January 14

Cement - Required.

I've finally succumbed to the boredom of being back in Manchester and this morning (5 minutes ago) unpacked my NA T-6G Texan Airfix model to begin building.
I had all the bits out of the box and was just about to start organising them into a buildable pile when I noticed I have no cement. So I won't be building it until I get some of that. I don't know how much it is either which is a pain, but if I go to the model shop, I could buy the cement and the paint required for this model and maybe even another model because I need stuff to do. Possibly a big one.

For now, I'm ready and waiting for the arrival of cement.

I'm also awaiting the arrival of my keys. Having packed all my stuff up and got on a train to Manchester on Monday, as we approached Manchester I realised I'd forgotten my key to my room. A nice security man let me in but I technically shouldn't leave my room because I have no means of locking it. The keys should arrive in the post today. Hopefully.

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