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Monday, July 7

Yoghurt: Moist or Wet?

In a bizarre turn of events it would seem I am heading off to London tomorrow. Or at least it did a few hours ago, now it seems I have received no further information on this trip so....maybe I'm not?

Now for an argument and explanation. I was watching Loose Women today. That in itself is a fine thing to say. Normally if I watch this I quite enjoy it, it's a group of middle aged women ranting about life, it's somewhat entertaining.

However, today, they went too far. Basically they said that the youth of today who spend hours on the internet "doing social networking" have no social life and are unable to talk to real people because the people they speak to online are "faceless." My "I disagree" face came out of hiding and remained upon my head for the next 15 minutes as they went on and on about how socially void teenagers today are, in a more polite way of saying it.

I very much disagree with this and come Thursday there may be a letter on it's way to the Loose Women explaining the why I disagree with it. But probably not. Confrontation SUCKS!

But for now, a problem that came to me as I ate a yoghurt earlier. Whilst swallowing I noticed that although the yoghurt was wet, it left my mouth feeling quite dry. This is not what troubled me. The trouble came in the form of is yoghurt really wet? Or is it just moist? Or just cold? It's definitely not wet, you don't get the same feeling when you spill yoghurt on you that you get when you spill water. So what is it? More to the point is it solid or liquid? If it has lumps of fruit in, they are a solid and thus the yoghurt cannot be described as solid as compared to the lumps, it really isn't.

To end: What is a yoghurt?

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