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Tuesday, August 5

Today I acquired weird stuff.

I went to Travelling Man today and bought more stuff. While I was walking about the place gathering up things to buy while arguing with myself.."...if Tin was here, he would not allow you to spend this much.." but alas, Tin is unfortunately no longer with me so I spent an ungodly amount on books and comics and a keyring.

Among my items was a comic I plucked from the back issues box for 50p. I thought the cover looked nice and so I bought it. It was David Lapham's "Young Liars", issue 2, "Suicide Dreams".

It turns out it was weird.

When I got home and read it, it kind of made sense. Until the last few pages struck and I read them over and over but it made no sense. Why were they dead? Who killed them?
I was also unsuitably disturbed by the subtext. WHAT IS THAT?! WHY?!

Everyone should go read this comic. It's WEIRD!


Today's dose of Weird.

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