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Thursday, March 13

The Moon is Down.

Last night I saw the best thing ever. As myself and Nawor were driving home, we looked out of the car window and saw the moon. It was exactly as it is in a child's mind. Huge, yellow, smiling and mesmerising. It was possibly the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. It wasn't full, it was a crescent, leaning back as though it was resting, poking out from around a cloud. I'm quite certain it had a nose and eyes as well.

The thing that struck me about the moon was the size of it. It was huge, incredibly low in the sky and glowing like a glow in the dark yoyo. As well as being quite awestruck by the moon, I was also quite scared. It was so big and seemed slightly threatening in the way it was hanging over us, but then the fear melted away when I reminded myself that the moon is actually a very friendly celestial body.

In conclusion, the past month has been quite full of fear but now all the fear is outweighed by my love of the moon and my need to visit it, I hope I can before I die.

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