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Saturday, June 8

Films. Films everywhere.

So....I have moved house again and I have started some new work. Weird, right? Considering for a few years now I have been coming here occasionally saying I will make stuff and then I don't.
 Truth is, I've not felt settled enough to do so but just recently that has changed. Bill has become more settled and I have a home I can sit in without feeling weird.
 I have started doing some work for a new zine that myself and Rowan are putting together, 'Dog Chow.' Currently I only have a front cover for my end of it, but it's looking alright:

Whilst making this, I have watched Where the Wild Things Are, Super 8, Juno and a Mr Bean collection. I have listened to Transatlanticism, Something to Write Home About, Ups and Downs and the Donnie Darko soundtrack.
 Tonight I am planning to draw a comic strip for it, although having had a pretty weird day it may not happen as planned.
 Speaking of which, what is really annoying is when somebody asks how you are and you give them an honest to God answer only to have them tell you that your answer was a lie. What is with that? 

Today I felt pretty weird. I got up at 12:45pm. That's the latest I've got up in a long time. Then I sat on my bed doing not a lot on the internet until 8pm. That is also unusual for me. Honestly. But now its okay, I walked Bill and then ate some garlic bread, so that was nice. I had some energy beverage, I hate that I am becoming reliant on those things. But it's alright because at least I'm actually doing something with my time now. I am putting work online and drawing. I anticipate myself performing an all nighter tonight, to make up for what is now yesterday. Kind of a waste. It's okay, I got this guy to help me stay focussed:

 The other interesting new thing is that I have a Tumblr now. I have no idea what it is or how to use it but I put some stuff on it. Do people have it? I don't really know what to do with it.

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