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This blog, and a blog for college research and work, both will be updated regularly, both will feature my work, but the college one is for college projects and research that I don't want to block up this blog with, this one is for my comics and other non-college work and activities.
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Sunday, June 13


Summer will hopefully start up properly next week, so far I've moved home and worked and gotten a little sick, so I'm hoping by Tuesday the holidays will start properly.

Monday is, I hope, going to lead to me completing the re-arrangement of my bedroom, having a second rat cage here has led to so many space issues, I'm actually considering just getting a hammock. Once I've re-arranged the room I'll be able to actually reach my desk and therefore can start on my list of things I want to get done this Summer by way of illustration/dissertation and also personal projects.

I really can't wait to get started on my dissertation, I think I'm going to really enjoy writing it, I even kind of want to make a journal as well.

Maybe tomorrow I should also make some new tapes for in my car, I'm quite tired of my current one, it's very wintry and melancholy.

Leisure plans for this week involve mainly doing more of this:

Me and Rowan have already been to the university and we haven't even been home a week, so if that's anything to go by, it will be happening lots this year and will be documented too.

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