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Monday, May 31

Summer swallowed us whole.

Today I have started to pack up my life to move to a new house in a few weeks. I'm moving back to York for Summer next week and will be returning to drag my stuff down the road to Burton House at the end of June.

My packing didn't amount to much, I don't have any boxes, so it was essentially just rearranging. I listened to a lot of Sum 41 in the process.

A few hours ago a very nice cat came into our garden, we treated her with some tuna and milk and then had a very nice time with her hanging about the house. I think it was a 'her.'
I miss having cats around the house, it felt very complete while she was here. I think there is a strong chance that after next year I will move into a home where I am allowed pets and I will get a real old cat. Nice time.

I finished my work for the newsletter poster yesterday, I can't scan it properly on my scanner, because my scanner is a loser.
I tried to patch it together and emailed it to Jo, although I think this photo works better.
My idea is that the boy is feeling very happy that it is Summer, so happy that he could float. He also happens to be flying a kite, as are some other people. Because he is so happy, he feels very light, the kite lifts him and soars up into the sky with him, out of the sky and into the night, where all the stars can be seen because it is Summer and the nights are clear.
I did it with biros, which was interesting, I've never drawn with them before, I'm unsure why I made that decision, it took forever to finish, especially the sky.
I very much appreciate being considered as somebody who could make the poster, although I'm sure Chris will come up with something shiny and more fitting and colourful and whatnot, but I don't mind, I'm just happy that the boy's kite could take him on a trip and that I had something to do for the past few days.

1 comment:

  1. I like this, very different for you.

    Must of been a mighty biro to hold all
    that ink.

    Composition works well, everything lines
    up perfectly.