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Monday, May 10

All we ever have is too much time.

It's the first school day of not being at college anymore and I'm feeling a little lost.

All weekend I have had the strange panic/guilt hitting me every few hours because I'm not doing any work but I haven't got anything to do just now. Yet my head obviously thinks that after a whole year of constant work, I should definitely have something to do. Puzzling stuff.

Today I'm going to tidy my bedroom, I can finally get rid of all the pieces of paper chopped onto my floor without knowing it's a waste of time because they'll be there again in a few days.
I am also maybe going to take a little trip into town and then I think I was going to the cinema with Jemma. Is tonight lobster night? I do not know.

Last night I saw Built to Spill and Dinosaur Jr. and they were very, very good, I liked them so much.

Soon, maybe this week I'm going to begin work on a kind of commission, but I'm scared to start it in case it takes over my life. I also need to find out some things about the American postal system before I can start, otherwise it might all be a big mess.

I must also get a hold of Jamie and find out about the train and meeting time and general plan for our trip to London, I am excited for this.

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  1. Hi Jane!

    I know the feeling, handed everything in on Friday. No idea what to do.

    If you want something to do, though, enter Might give you an excuse to come visit Cheltenham at some point :)

    London! Yes, yes. Did we say the 25th? That is good for me. I'll probably get the train that gets in to Paddington about 12:30 and then leaves about 7:45. Does this sound good? Plenty of time for Macmillan-stomping and other activities. Can we go to Harrods and have ice-cream? I like it there.