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Tuesday, June 16

When you overhear a conversation and really wish you hadn't...

This is another little comic thing I did after a pretty disturbing bus ride home in Manchester one afternoon.

I was listening to music, at an acceptable, but not quiet, level of volume but somehow an old lady's voice still made it through to my ears.
Unfortunately for me, said old lady was talking in graphic detail about a cyst she had found on her inner thigh. She gave a detailed description and then announced that the lovely folks at the hospital refused to look at it. I don't know how much truth was in the final statement.

Suffice to say that whilst this was coming through my music and I was having visions of the cyst ridden inner thighs of the elderly, I wasn't feeling all too great, put that with the uneven surface of Oxford Road and it wouldn't be far from the truth to say there was bile in my throat.

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