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Wednesday, June 17

Real people on real paper..

Although I draw lots of comics and they are what I most enjoy doing, I also really like making collage images from card and occasionally patterned papers. To make these I draw everything thing out on A4 paper and then split it into coloured layers, similar to the ones on photoshop. I then construct each layer individually so that when I come to sticking them together they interlock and overlay, creating a 3D effect on the page.

I like to make the images how somebody would imagine them, rather than how somebody would see them, so all the figures have layers of clothing and I often put things in their pockets. I'm not sure where the logic in doing this lies because once I've scanned in the image the layers can't be seen. I think I just like to be settled in my mind that the characters I've created are real and that they have things in their pockets to entertain themselves with once they've been through the scanner and are trapped in a flat image.

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