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Thursday, April 2


The main subject of this post is soup. Last night my soup tasted like tea and I had to throw it away because I really don't like tea. I don't not like the taste, what I hate about tea is that it tastes kind of ok but it smells fantastic, I don't like tea because it is deceptive. Anyway, regardless of my liking for tea, soup should not taste like tea, unless it is tea soup, which this was not.
Tonight I made a different soup, by made I mean heated up, and it was supposed to be Winter Vegetable, or that's what the carton said. I have no problems with the soup as a whole, it was quite good, a little too thick but quite good. The only issue I have is that it had sweetcorn in it. I don't like sweetcorn in food. When people put it in sandwiches it's ruining a good sandwich. Sweetcorn with gravy, why do people do that? And sweetcorn in Winter Vegetable soup completely confused me. In my mind, sweetcorn is a Summer vegetable. I guess it is probably grown in Winter or something similar, to explain it being in a Winter soup but I have always and will always associate sweetcorn with Summer. So there are two reasons why today's soup is bad, it has sweetcorn in it and it has confused me about the seasonal appearances of said sweetcorn.

In other news, addressed as other news as it is other news when under that main heading of "Soup" as it has nothing to do with soup, yet if the heading wasn't "Soup," I would have started this sentence with "More equally important news..."
In other news, I'm going home tomorrow! I've become quite bored of having the flat to myself and I've watched too many films in the past 2 and a half days, I could actually be the IMDB now.

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