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This blog, and a blog for college research and work, both will be updated regularly, both will feature my work, but the college one is for college projects and research that I don't want to block up this blog with, this one is for my comics and other non-college work and activities.
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Tuesday, March 17

Mood: Accomplished.

I've just finished making LauraKirk's boxset of musical goodness and I must say, I'm more proud of this than I am of any of my work I've done this year, so much so that I want to keep it for myself, it's beautiful.

If LauraKirk reads this, I must banish her from returning to this page until she receives the package because there are pictures soon to go up documenting the spectacle that is this parcel. I've got to go and buy a box to put it in for postage purposes because I'm fearing a jify bag will lead to the destruction of a work of art.

Pictures soon.

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